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The Numbers Game by Alan Schwarz

“The Numbers Game: Baseball’s Lifelong Fascination with Statistics” by Alan Schwarz, (St Martin’s Press, 2004), 270 pages. It’s a popular misconception that the infatuation with statistics in baseball is a product of the recent computer-obsessed age. Alan Schwarz debunks this myth in “The Numbers Game” by charting the history of the sport from the mid-nineteenth […]

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Babe: The Legend comes to Life by Robert W. Creamer

“Babe: The Legend Comes to Life” by Robert W. Creamer, (Fireside, 1992), 443 pages. Even the most baseball-belittling Brit has heard of Babe Ruth. He is recognised the world over as one of the greatest and most important sportsmen in history. Robert W. Creamer’s biography of Ruth, originally published in 1974, is often held to […]

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BaseballGB book reviews

One of the great joys of baseball, particularly for British fans keen to learn as much as possible about it, is that the sport has been the inspiration for countless wonderful books. The quality of writing about baseball probably surpasses that of any other sport and the only problem is knowing where on earth to […]

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