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Out of Left Field: And now, the end is near…

As we reach the final moments of the regular season, players, managers and fans are painfully aware that, second by second, opportunities are falling through their fingers. Some are resigned to their 2010 season ending without incident. Some are hopeful of a successful post-season. Some will just settle for some winter ball. Whatever the situation, […]

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Out of Left Field: The Red Man!

Reports of this column’s death have been greatly exaggerated. Crawling slowly out of the abyss, it sees the end of the regular season coming ever closer. It looks up. Dedraggled, but very much alive

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Out of Left Field: Hair!

Howdy! Looking for your (semi-regular) fix of the weird and wonderful from the fine old sport of baseball? Well, lucky you! You’ve come to the right place

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600 Fun News Items That Aren’t About A-Rod Getting 600 Home Runs

Now, I’m not saying someone reaching 600 home runs in their career isn’t impressive. I’m not saying it isn’t newsworthy. I’m not saying that it is not worthy of comment. But here in the Out of Left Field offices we have more important things to worry about. So, in time-honoured, lazy as hell fashion here […]

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Out of Left Field: He really should have worn a cup

Well, baseball is well and truly back after the All-Star break, and so is your loyal correspondent after a longer break of his own. And many apologies to my tens of readers for my absence, and all credit to our beloved leader Matt Smith, who somehow produces such volumes of great content week-in, week-out. I […]

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Out of Left Field: All I Know About Baseball Without Really Paying Attention

It’s not easy being a baseball fan in Britain. A truism, I grant you, but one worth stating. Those pesky MLB bods insist on having the vast majority of games in the middle of the British night. How selfish. So, we either have to do without sleep, or find a spare three or four hours […]

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Out of Left Field: Reasons to be cheerful

After watching such an appalling performance as England’s against Algeria in the World Cup, it is good to fall back on another sport. Viva baseball! You’ll pick me up when I’m down. You’ll turn my frown upside down. You will, won’t you? Well, let us find out. Let’s get going with some reasons to be […]

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Out of Left Field: Youth Special – Doin’ it for the kids!

As baby-faced phenom Stephen Strasburg makes his debut (and more importantly makes my fantasy baseball pitching staff ten times better), welcome to the Out of Left Field: Youth Special – we are Doin’ it for the kids! Yep, we’re busting out the italics early, people! But first, a brief disclaimer. I am trying to become […]

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Out of Left Field: A bad week to be a pitcher, umpire, restaurant manager

It has already been covered elsewhere on this fine site, and with much more insight and style, but how gutted would you feel if you were Armando Galarraga right now? One bad call, from umpire Jim Joyce, with one out left in the game, and there goes your Perfect Game. Had a bad week at […]

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Out of Left Field: To Hull and Back (with added squirrels, sickness and snappy dressing)

So, did you miss me? I may have missed last week’s column and been late with this one, but rumours of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. Those rumours are perfectly understandable though, if anyone discovered that last week your fearless correspondent had ventured to the wilds of Hull. You should have seen what I […]

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