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British Baseball 2008

Tomorrow marks the start of the British baseball season, with teams and officials up and down the country eager to get back into action. The weather forecast looks a bit gloomy, but hopefully the rain will stay away in most places allowing the games to be played. To coincide with the opening weekend, the British […]

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British League Schedules released

The British Baseball Federation has today published some of the senior and youth schedules for the upcoming season.  Opening day this year is set for 20 April.  The season comes to a climax at the Final Four tournament over the weekend of September 6-7.  For more info, head over the the BBF website.

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Keeping Score

The Great Britain Baseball Scorers Association has kindly published an article of mine about keeping score.  ‘Backward K’s and 6-4-3 Double plays’ is my take on how keeping score has increased my enjoyment of ballgames, while also greatly expanding my knowledge of the game itself. If you are already a scoring convert, I’m sure you […]

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More 2012 news

As a follow up to yesterday’s story, brought to my attention an article on their website about the IBAF’s active attempts to convince the organizers that baseball should be a demonstration sport at London 2012.  Hyde Park may yet stage an Olympic baseball tournament, albeit one without medals and official Olympic status.  There’s no telling whether […]

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Baseball in Ireland

MLB Scoop recently conducted an interview with Mike Kindle, president of Baseball Ireland.  Kindle raises the issues of lack of funding and competition from other sports as key obstacles to the growth of baseball in Ireland, but also gives plenty of reasons to be optimistic for the sport’s future.  It’s well worth reading.  Thanks to […]

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