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Exploring the history of baseball in Britain, highlighting the work at Project COBB and the British Baseball Hall of Fame

Cartoons by Rex Phillips added to Project Cobb site

During the independent breakaway league of 1992-1994, a fanzine titled Linedrive was edited by London Warriors supporter Phil Ross, with contributions from Rex Phillips (including cartoons offering British baseball humour). A selection of the cartoons has been made available as part of Project Cobb. The fanzines were kindly supplied by Project Cobb collaborator Mark Tobin […]

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Early Christmas presents for Project Cobb

The past week has seen a couple of developments for Project Cobb (the Project for the Chronicling of British Baseball). Back on Thursday, I met up with John Thomas, who was starting catcher for Great Britain in the game against The Netherlands in 1965. We were looking through some of his old photos together and […]

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Baseball Mercury web archive launched

The British baseball publication Baseball Mercury was edited by baseball historian William Morgan from 1972 until 1989. Fifty-one issues were produced in all, and the publication’s scope covers both domestic and international baseball, as well as softball. Its coverage includes articles on baseball in Britian going back to the 19th Century (it is William Morgan’s records of […]

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Project Cobb gets underway

The just-launched Project Cobb (or the Project for the Chronicling of British Baseball) encourages the recording of baseball in Britain as it happens as well as the exploration and publishing of its history. To this end, Project Cobb publishes a central registry of research projects as well as a list of collaborators. (more…)

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Baseball: established in Britain in 1755?

I like to think that the very presence of BaseballGB helps to debunk the myth that Britain and baseball don’t go together.  Yes we might be the minority on this island of ours, but there are Brits who passionately follow the MLB season and/or who play for one of the many domestic baseball teams (or […]

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