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The Rocket Returns (Again)

As many predicted, Roger Clemens's latest attempt at retirement didn't last long. The Rocket will return to the Major League mound at the end of June (June 22 is the current date being given) and will once again try to help his home town, Houston, to their first World Series win. (more…)

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Recommended Reading: What’s wrong with King Felix?

There are some players in the game that every baseball fan, whatever their own allegiance, love to watch. One of the new additions to this “superstar” line-up is “King” Felix Hernandez. Seattle’s young starting pitcher was as sensational as predicted when he reached the Majors last season. The weight of expectation on his shoulders didn’t […]

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Kazmir and the D-Train!

Chicks might dig the long ball, but nothing beats a good pitching match up. Two of the best young pitchers in the game just went toe to toe at Tropicana Field, and they didn't disappoint. (more…)

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