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Zito and the Giants?

So, my prediction skills are officially terrible! is reporting that Barry Zito has agreed to a monster deal with the Giants: seven years for $126 million.   I guess out of all the rivals he could have joined, having him join the National League is a plus.  Seeing him with “San Francisco” on his jersey […]

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Zito and the Mets

As an Oakland fan, the Barry Zito sweepstakes is almost a non-event.  Not long after we got tanked by the Tigers in the ALCS it was basically accepted that Zito had pitched in the green and gold for the last time.  He’s not coming back to Oakland and therefore in many respects I’m not fussed […]

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Vernon Wells = very wealthy

It’s not just Matsuzaka who has been changing teams in the past week. Another major recent event is the contract extension Vernon Wells has all but signed with the Blue Jays for a reported $126 million. Toronto have been proactive by signing Wells a year before he hit free agency. With the ever-booming free agent […]

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Dice-K at Fenway

What else can I write about? The Daisuke Matsuzaka deal is the talk of baseball and rightfully so. The main thing I learned this week was that I had been mispronouncing his first name all along (not, to be fair, that I had said it to anyone who either knew or cared who he was). […]

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Pettitte back in Pinstripes

The latest big move has seen Andy Pettitte return to his former team (pending a physical). How does this deal play out for all involved? The Yankees It’s good news if you’re a Yankees fan. Their rotation has been a bit of a mess for a couple of seasons now and it was vital that […]

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Deals, deals and more deals

Deal or no deal may be all the rage over here, but in baseball right now it’s just deal, deal and more deals. Lots of moves have taken place over the last 24 hours and not just of the Rule 5 variety (although that was a strangely active affair). Pitcher called Lilly Sometimes there is […]

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The A’s make a move (or two?)

Well I posted a short while ago that more moves would happen over the next few days and the next thing I know, the A’s are signing a player (or two?). Picking up Alan Embree is not exactly a headline grabbing move, but it encapsulates what the A’s are all about.  With Barry Zito’s smile […]

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Winter meetings

With the Winter Meetings in full swing, it’s no surprise that we are starting to see a few big moves being announced. The Red Sox started the ball rolling by signing J.D. Drew and Julio Lugo. Much as I have had a go at Just Dollars Drew, he is undoubtedly a good player and you […]

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