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Let the games begin

After a four month wait, baseball action begins again in a little while with the first Spring Training games of 2007. I do enjoy listening to Spring Training games on the Gameday Audio service at The radio format suits the laid-back atmosphere that the games are played in.  Hearing Frank Thomas smack a homer […]

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Hoping for a Clemens comeback?

There’s an interesting article on Sports about the Astros and Roger Clemens. Everyone (well, almost everyone!) acknowledges what a great pitcher Clemens has been and it’s natural to think that the Astros would love to have him back if he decides to pitch in 2007; however John Donovan’s story puts a different spin on […]

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Money – that’s what I want!

As the free agent class of 2006-2007 bagged their lucrative contracts it would have been easy to think that no one else could be so happy, but you would be mistaken.  While I’m sure the likes of Zito, Soriano, Meche and company are quite content with their lot, another gaggle of ballplayers must have been […]

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There’s a circus in the town …

The 2007 Barry Bonds show has officially started, with stating that he has reported to the Giants’ training camp today.  Reading the bit about him joking with Barry Zito made me feel a bit queasy! Most of Bonds’ career has been extraordinary, but 2007 could potentially top the lot.  There is already a lot […]

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Changing the rules

It was announced yesterday that the MLB’s Playing Rules Committee are bringing in several rule changes for the 2007 season ( has a decent summary). The most notable change is the way in which tied ballgames will be treated if the game has to be abandoned partway through. The game will now be officially suspended […]

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MLB.TV 2007 prices released have just released the options available to baseball fans for listening and watching baseball over the Internet in 2007.  As always, there is a decent amount of choice to cater for different needs and systems. The main shift this year is the launch of a MLB.TV Premium package to sit alongside the standard MLB.TV […]

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Over before it’s started

It’s all too easy to get swept along by the joy of Spring Training beginning again for another year, but spare a thought for players such as Kris Benson.  As you would have probably read, Benson has suffered a partially torn rotator cuff and his 2007 season is currently in the balance.  The Orioles are […]

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Nearly There

The counter on the main page of has moved pretty slowly over the last week or so, but we’re almost there.  As I write this post, we are twenty-one hours away from pitchers and catchers reporting to their Spring Training camps.  After months of waiting, the first pre-season milestone is about to be reached […]

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MLB.TV 2007 improvements

As a follow up to my post from yesterday, Maury Brown at his Biz of Baseball site has reported that the video feeds for MLB.TV will be improved for the 2007 season.  The game video that has previously been streamed between 350 and 400kps will now be streamed at 700kps instead.  Maury raises this point […]

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NASN bought by ESPN

I’m sure like me you are growing impatient with the calendar. My thoughts have turned to the glorious day when the MLB marathon starts up again and we can sit down with a beer or two in front of our TV or PC. Part of the British baseball tradition is the annual “will baseball be […]

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