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2006 predictions reviewed

Whether under the auspices of a master fortune teller or more commonly as a “baseball expert”, many people like to share their pre-season predictions on who will finish where at the end of the upcoming baseball season. I like to join in with the fun and I will be sharing my “wisdom” with you tomorrow, […]

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When spring training really matters

Only a few spring training games to go now for each team. The real games are about to start, where all batting averages and ERAs head back to zero. The good thing about performances in spring training is that they can be turned to your advantage whatever the situation. (more…)

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Seven days to go

Seven days to go. Seven days until the Mets and the Cardinals kick everything off for another season. Seven days too long really, but we’ve waited for over four months now so I guess one more week won’t hurt. (more…)

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Air conditioning tips, anyone?!

Would you go to a baseball blog to find out about air conditioning? Didn’t think so. You probably wouldn’t expect to hear about air conditioning during a baseball broadcast either, but put this down as yet another unique quirk of Spring Training. I’m currently watching the A’s take on the Rangers and have just been […]

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Rangers stadium name change

Liverpool FC fans will no doubt be looking for clues as to the direction their new American owners will be taking their club. The recent stadium developments in Texas may be of great interest to them. (more…)

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WBC on the mind

I hope you’ve all been having fun watching/listening to some Spring Training action (I doubt it’s been hailing in Florida or Arizona today!). Am I the only person who gets a bit frustrated by the way some commentators constantly refer to spring training stats though? You can’t tell much about how a pitcher is throwing […]

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Spring training springing into life

We’re halfway through Spring Training and Opening Night is now only seventeen days away. So near and yet so far. has a countdown on their main page and baseball fans the world over will be counting down the days one by one until the Cards and Mets renew their rivalry on 1 April to […]

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Schilling starts blogging

Everyone knows about Curt Schilling’s ability on the mound, but he’s also got a reputation for speaking his mind.  It’s no surprise then that he has recently started writing his own blog  (using the same WordPress system as this blog).  Schilling’s outspoken nature wins him friends and enemies in equal measure, and this is reflected […]

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Tigers rumble with the Red Sox

So much for spring training games being gentle, laid-back affairs. The Red Sox and the Tigers had a bit of a stand-off yesterday. Josh Beckett’s attempts to throw a few inside pitches resulted in a couple of hit batters and led to Todd Jones retaliating (or attempting to, in any case) and everyone getting into […]

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U.S. Time change

Just a quick reminder for British fans that Daylight Saving Time (DST) in America and Canada takes effect from midnight tonight. Previously this has started on the first Sunday of April, but it will now be the second Sunday of March. This means that for the next two weeks (until we shift to British Summer […]

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