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Bonds, Baseball and the sporting world

Baseball does not get much coverage in the British press, so the recent increase in news stories about the sport could be seen as a positive event. Sadly, it is the issue of drugs that has raised the interest of sports editors in this country. As Barry Bonds edges ever closer to Hank Aaron’s career […]

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MLB.TV schedule for the week

Three days out of five isn’t bad. Those of you wanting to catch some live baseball in the British evening, either on MLB.TV or Gameday Audio, have a fair amount of choice on Monday and Wednesday while Carlos Zambrano gives you an excuse to miss the “wonder” of an England football friendly on Friday. All […]

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Tim Lincecum

The Giants have not exactly been synonymous with exciting young players in recent years. Indeed their GM, Brian Sabean, has been prone to chasing free agent signings with scant regard to the high draft picks he would be losing in the process. Tim Lincecum is a different story though. Not only is he a young […]

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2007 – Week 7

Welcome to this week’s edition of “Weekly” hit ground ball. We’re nearing the end of the first period of inter-league baseball, bringing us such mouth-watering local rivalries as Pittsburgh playing Arizona and Colorado taking on Kansas City. Still, even the latter will be more exciting than yesterday’s “dream” F.A. Cup final. (more…)

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MLB.TV – Adverts?!

I’m not hopelessly naive. I know that money talks. Why wouldn’t want to make some extra revenue by putting adverts into MLB.TV? But there are limits to what’s acceptable when you are already paying good money for the privilege of watching the service. Firstly I logged on to the Royals-A’s game mid-inning, only to […]

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The Cust of a Wave

I’m always conscious that this is a general baseball site so I don’t want to concentrate too heavily on my Oakland A’s, but Jack Cust’s story is too good not to mention. (more…)

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Live baseball to watch this week

Lots to look forward to this week, with inter-league play beginning on Friday (unless you hate inter-league play of course). The cupboard is bare on Tuesday and Wednesday, but you can catch live baseball on MLB.TV during the evening in Britain on Monday, Thursday and Friday. Here are my picks for the top games. All […]

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2007 – Week 6

Today is Mother’s day in America and thankfully that means macho baseball players waving pink bats in the air. Of course, it is all in the name of raising the awareness of breast cancer and to raise much needed funds at the same time. Sportsmen are often the target of negative stories (not always unjustified), […]

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