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Canseco cashing in again

I don’t think the world either wants or needs another Jose Canseco book, but it looks like we’re getting one. I guess you have to grudgingly admit that his brazen arrogance has at least forced MLB to do something about the issue of performance-enhancing drugs. Sadly, I don’t believe for a minute that Canseco is […]

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British baseball stats

The Mister Baseball website is currently publishing a series of posts looking at each of the European baseball leagues from 2007.  Their entry about the British Championship was published yesterday, which concentrates solely on the Southern league (stats for the Northern league being unavailable).  The main thing to note is the presence of a certain Josh […]

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Team GB set to miss out

During what should be a time of Xmas cheer, it was depressing to read about the struggles the Great Britain baseball team is facing.  Back in September, we covered the European Baseball Championships.  If Team GB had beaten the Netherlands in their final game, they would have won the tournament and immediately qualified for the 2008 Olympics.   Unfortunately […]

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Mitchell report revisited

We’re a few days removed from the release of the Mitchell report. The vast amount of coverage it has received means that trying to get a sense of perspective is difficult. Everyone seems to have an agenda they are trying to pursue. The report has polarised opinion, with some dismissing its findings as mere hearsay […]

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Mitchell Report released

Like every other baseball fan, I’m currently skimming through the just-released Mitchell report (pdf).  I think it’s safe to say that even the A-Rod announcement (finally confirming that he’s signed the biggest contract in sports history with the Yankees) will be pushed to one side by this story.  Millions of words will be written about the report over the […]

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Winter meetings

The winter meetings in Nashville are now over. On the surface, it appears to have been more of a social event than a constructive working week. The winter meetings are really the product of a bygone era, but I think that adds to the occasion. Never mind video conferences, e-mails, faxes or telephone calls; if […]

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Jose Guillen joins the Royals

Details: Jose Guillen signs a three-year contract worth $36 million with the Royals. Optimist’s argument: Strip away the bad boy image and you have yourself a very useful outfielder. Good in the field, with a strong throwing arm, and a solid corner outfielder’s bat. The Royals are trying to move forward and Guillen is the […]

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