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Counting down the hours

Not long to go now! Johnny, Josh, Erik and the rest of the Five team will be looking ahead to tonight’s broadcast with as much excitement as the rest of us. The Braves and the Nationals are leading off, with first pitch scheduled for 01.05 BST and Five’s coverage getting under way ten minutes earlier. […]

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Did you get to look at any of yesterday’s free previews of the Premium service? It was a bit of a shaky debut by all accounts.  While my installation of the NexDef plug-in went without a hitch, I know other people were not so lucky.  The picture quality was very good at 1.2MB when it […]

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2008 National League predictions

While there may be a limited number of genuine contenders in the AL, the National League is a different story. I make it three contenders in the East, four in the West and probably two in the Central, with the wildcard likely to come from either the East or the West. (more…)

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2008 American League predictions

The 2008 regular season technically has already started, but I don’t think the 1-1 split by the A’s and Red Sox provides me with much of an advantage when it comes to putting together predictions for the upcoming season. The American League is my focus today, with a preview of the National League tomorrow. The […]

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The 2008 season at have just published a raft of articles about the services they will be offering during the upcoming season. I can’t start anywhere else other than with the piece on You will notice that the article is populated by several quotes from a certain Matt Smith who “not only blogs about the games, but […]

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Oakland levels the series

The Oakland Athletics bounced back from a tough opening day loss to beat the Boston Red Sox 5-1 today, securing a 1-1 split from the two-game series in Tokyo, Japan. The Red Sox’s formidable batting lineup was shut down by A’s starter Rich Harden in a performance that his team will hope is a sign […]

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Game two an hour away

Rich Harden looks to lead the Oakland fightback as the A’s try to split the opening series against Boston in Tokyo this morning.  First pitch is scheduled for 10.05 GMT. I posted about the game yesterday, but not about my personal experience of watching it via  Like many of you, my excitement quickly turned […]

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Boston beat the A’s in season opener

The 2008 season opener has just finished and if it’s a sign of things to come, we are in for a great season. The Boston Red Sox edged out the Oakland Athletics 6-5 in a ten-inning game that went back and forth between the two teams. While the Tokyo crowd came to see a game-winning […]

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