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The Book: Playing the Percentages in Baseball by Tom M Tango, Mitchel G Lichtman, and Andrew E Dolphin

(Potomac Books, 2007) 384 pages. Up until this publication, any mention of “the book” in a conversation about baseball was a reference not to a written piece of work, but rather to a body of tactical advice passed down from one generation of managers to the next. Seemingly, all a tactical ploy needed for inclusion in “the book” was to be successful at […]

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Foam bats and Kool-Aid, Bands, Balco and Bonds

Written by Steve Bartley Before he was sent down the headline that made me reach for my foam baseball bat the quickest was that the gaunt and wobbly looking Pete Doherty, ‘front man’ to some band he formed after being expelled from his last, had been arrested on drug charges. After what must have been […]

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Hitting streaks in 7-inning and 9-inning baseball

Matt’s latest book review got me thinking about hitting streaks, and – being a fan of the sport in Britain – my thoughts naturally turned to the subject of our domestic game. The National League South schedule consists purely of 7-inning double-headers, and it seems fair enough to state that maintaining a hitting streak across such […]

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Joe DiMaggio: The Hero’s Life by Richard Ben Cramer

(Touchstone, 2001), 546 pages. Heralded for many years as ‘baseball’s greatest living player’, Joe DiMaggio was, and due to his enduring legend still is, one of the true giants of the sport. While his life has been the inspiration for countless books, Richard Ben Cramer’s biography is generally considered the definitive account.  DiMaggio has the […]

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Billy Beane interview

The A’s fansite, Athletics Nation, is in the enviable position of having a good relationship with GM Billy Beane.  Every now and then, Beane gives up a bit of his spare time to answer questions from the site’s main contributor, Blez.  Naturally, these interviews will be of most interest to A’s fans, but they afford all baseball […]

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Daily Rewind Review introduced a whole range of changes to its multimedia content for the 2008 season.  Some have been popular, some less so. One of the main sources of discontent among seasoned subscribers has been the loss of the Condensed Games feature.  This allowed subscribers to watch nine to ten minutes of highlights from each […]

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Right on the nose

Getting hit in the face by an Albert Pujols line drive doesn’t sound like much fun.  It certainly didn’t look like much fun last night, so I’ll resist the temptation to link to any photos of the Padres’ Chris Young. Thankfully, it is being reported that Young has only suffered a “nasal fracture and a […]

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