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All Star Game 2008 – Catcher

Youth dominates at the catching position in the NL.  The veterans should make way in the AL roster as well, but whether they will or not is far from certain.  Even so, there are several worthy candidates to discuss.  (more…)

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When Friday comes …

The working week starts off slowly for us Brits looking to catch some live baseball during evening time over here, but it ends with a host of games on Friday.  All times are listed in BST. Monday 30th – No early games today.  Later on there’s a Joba start against the Rangers from 00.05 and […]

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All Star Game 2008 – Shortstop

Number six on your scorecard, the spot between second and third base on the Yankee infield is certain to be occupied by a familiar figure for one half of the opening inning.  Who plays there when the NL are on the field is much more open to debate and that doesn’t mean the AL has […]

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All Star Game 2008 – Third basemen

The ASG nomination process is always fun because it allows every fan to make up their own mind on who they believe to be a star and how exactly they define such a thing.  Although fans may have strong opinions about who should be a Hall of Famer, we don’t get any say in the […]

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Strike Four: Adventures in European Baseball by Jeff Archer

(White Boucke Publishing, 1995) 250 pages. Review updated 20 February 2011 Many Americans have found themselves in Britain and been surprised to learn of the existence of organized baseball here, but few have become as involved in the game’s running as Jeff Archer did in the 1970s. Given the sparseness of literature on this, or […]

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New name for British baseball’s top flight

A new name for the top flight of competition in British baseball was unveiled today. So what was previously known as the “National League” is now the “National Baseball League”, which makes sense really. As a website with stories on both British baseball and the Major League variety, BaseballGB will benefit immediately from this name […]

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All Star Game 2008 – Second basemen

American League – With All Star selections, it’s up to the competition to take the starting spot away from the holder.  Placido Polanco started for the AL last year and he’s having a decent season so far in 2008, which means that another second baseman needs to make a very strong case to take his […]

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All Star Game 2008 – First basemen and DH

The All Star game nomination process should be celebrated by international MLB fans.  It’s one of the few occasions where we can really interact with the sport in the same way as our North American cousins.  Over 100 million votes have already been cast, which is a phenomenal figure.  The voting period comes to an […]

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