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Olympic Baseball 2008 – In Review

It’s now a week since the Olympic Baseball tournament was brought to a close by a thrilling final that saw Korea crowned as champions over Cuba.  Following the International Olympic Committee’s decision to boot baseball (and softball) off the Olympic list for the 2012 London Games, this year’s event represented a great opportunity for the […]

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NBL South stats update

As mentioned in my last game report from 2008 before the National Finals, this coming weekend sees the autumn-heralding curtain come down once more on the regular season in the NBL South, as Richmond travel to Bracknell for a double-header. Players from the two teams have one last chance to improve (or spoil) their season […]

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Eight men in

One of the real joys of going to baseball games in this country – particularly if you are relatively new to the sport like me – is listening to the anecdotes of people who have been involved in the British game for a good chunk of time. With the notable exception of Jeff Archer’s Strike […]

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Replays from today

Today marks the first day of the ‘instant replay’ era in MLB.  The McAfee Coliseum in Oakland, Angel Stadium in Anaheim and Wrigley Field in Chicago will have their newly installed TV monitors and secure phone links to the office primed and ready for operation, should the need arise.  It looks like there is […]

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Instant replay era begins on Thursday?

When I wrote on Sunday about instant replay being on its way, I didn’t think it would arrive this quickly. According to John Perrotto on Baseball Prospectus Unfiltered, Bud Selig will be holding a press conference at 5.00 pm ET (22.00 BST) to announce that instant replay will be used to determine close calls on […]

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