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Let down by

“Let down and hanging around” – ‘Let Down’ by Radiohead. What a sorry mess of a way to end the regular season.  No, I’m not referring to the Mets’ annual collapse (not yet anyway), but the way in which disappeared off the face of the internet at the time when baseball fans needed it […]

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Uncertainty over Britain’s place in the 2009 Baseball World Cup

A press conference was held in Regensburg, Germany two weeks ago to announce details of next year’s IBAF Baseball World Cup.  The marquee international tournament is being held in Europe and promises to be a great showcase for the sport; however two weeks on and there is still some uncertainty over Great Britain’s involvement in […]

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Next Year Yankees?

Now that Yankee Stadium has staged its final game, the players, coaches, Front Office and owners have nothing else to divert their attention.  Up until now, their minds could be fixed on Sunday 21st and sending the stadium off in style.  The harsh reality of missing out on the play-offs, confirmed by Boston’s win yesterday, could be […]

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The final week

It’s scarcely believable, but we have reached the final week of the 2008 regular season already.  With several play-off places still up for grabs, it promises to be a fascinating few days.  Unfortunately, the important nature of the games means that only a handful are being played during the daytime in the States.  That doesn’t […]

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Instant Replay: Case Three

The third use of instant replay in MLB occurred in last night’s game between the Twins and the Rays and it produced the first occasion in which the call on the field was reversed after review.  Carlos Pena had to wait at second base for five minutes, but finally he was able to complete his […]

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