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The Phillies win the World Series

The 46,000 fans who turned up at Citizens Bank Park last night only got to witness three innings of baseball, but they will have been the best three innings imaginable for Philly fans.  The home team prevailed 2-1 on the night to win the historic ‘three day’ game 4-3 and to secure just the second […]

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Game Five continues tonight

After a forty-six hour rain delay, we are finally going to see the completion of game five of this year’s World Series. The wait must have felt like an eternity for the two teams.  The Phillies could be World Series champions after just three more innings, while the Rays have one-third of a game (unless […]

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Support Herts Baseball Club

As you can see from their great website, Herts Baseball Club are one of the leading lights within British baseball.  So much so that they have outgrown their current facilities and have therefore put together some terrific plans to turn their home, Grovehill Park, into “one of the best baseball complexes in the country”.  What should […]

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World Series left in limbo

Never underestimate MLB’s ability to surprise.  We entered last night’s game knowing that it could be the decisive contest in this year’s World Series.  It still might be.  We just don’t know when it’s going to end.  (more…)

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Phillies blast past the Rays in Game four

The Phillies are now one win away from their second World Series championship after thumping the Rays 10-2 in game four.  It was a scoreline that accurately reflected their dominance and they will head into game five full of confidence that they can wrap up the series at home.  If the Rays are to stop […]

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European Professional League news

Plans for a European Professional League are gathering pace, with the Confederation of European Baseball’s (CEB) latest newsletter providing a few more details on the proposed competition.  There are still many questions left unanswered at this early stage, not least the suggestion that the main league may be complemented by other interleague games, but the […]

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Game three thriller

The switch back to GMT has never been more welcome than it was this morning to British baseball fans.  An hour and a half rain delay meant that the first pitch of game three of the World Series wasn’t delivered until just gone three in the morning BST, but by then the clocks had been […]

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Make sure you don’t miss the unmissable

After a rest day, the World Series is scheduled to get going again tonight with game three from Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia.  Forty-five year old Jamie Moyer will try to prove wrong all the people who have pegged him as an accident waiting to happen for the Phillies.  The veteran will certainly welcome some […]

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