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WHGB 2008 Annual

Download the WHGB 2008 Annual (pdf) It seems much longer than one month ago since the Philadelphia Phillies won the World Series.  After the 2,430 game regular season (2,431 in the end this year) and the drama of the postseason, MLB comes to an abrupt halt and an established part of your daily routine (checking […]

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The Hot Stove

One of the baseball terms British newcomers quickly learn during the off-season is ‘the hot stove’.  This is the collective term used for all of the trade/free agent signing rumours that fill the winter months.  I always thought this was simply a reference to potential deals that might be bubbling along on the ‘stove’.  In […]

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You Are the Scorer: Number 4

Scenario: The batter hits a fly-ball to a gap in the outfield and rounds first base, slides into second, touches the bag, but then overslides and is put out before making contact again.  As the official scorer, with what should you credit the batter? A – An at-bat but no hit. B – A single. C – A double. […]

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Q&A with Stephan Rapaglia

Stephan Rapaglia has been Head Coach of Great Britain since early 2004. He is a former professional pitcher in the Houston Astros’ minor league organization as well as in The Netherlands and Germany. He has also coached in the US, both for Division I Iona College and for the Johnstown Johnnies (of the independent professional Frontier League). Thanks once again […]

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Baseball Mercury web archive launched

The British baseball publication Baseball Mercury was edited by baseball historian William Morgan from 1972 until 1989. Fifty-one issues were produced in all, and the publication’s scope covers both domestic and international baseball, as well as softball. Its coverage includes articles on baseball in Britian going back to the 19th Century (it is William Morgan’s records of […]

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Free games to watch on

A blizzard of snow is hammering against my window, making staying in on a Saturday evening very appealing.  Meanwhile the TV listings suggest that being stuck outside in the freezing cold might not be such a bad idea after all (‘Strictly Come X-Factor Get Me Outta Here’ etc).  Thankfully, offers British baseball fans a […]

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BGB Team Picker – Full results

We revealed on Thursday that the Chicago Cubs had come out on top in our first ever stab at an MLB Team Picker, with the Giants and the Pirates coming in second and third respectively.  How did the other twenty-seven teams shape up?  Here is the full list. (more…)

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You Are the Scorer: Number 3

Scenario: It is the top of the ninth inning in a tied game and, with the bases loaded, the #9 hitter just popped up to the shortstop for the second out. Although this was only the second out, the pitcher starts walking towards the dugout, and the rest of the fielding team as well as the batting side also start to leave the field, thinking […]

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BGB Team Picker – 1st place Chicago Cubs

Once the data had been collated and all the scores checked, there was one team that stood out by a mile.  The Cubbies already have a decent smattering of fans in Britain and if our Team Picker is a good indication, plenty more Brits will be bemoaning the Curse of the Billy Goat and hoping […]

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