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More on the classic national final of 1969

Back in March, I published an article titled Classic post-war finals in British baseball. In researching the article I received help from Norman Wells, a long-time Liverpool Trojan. Yesterday I had the pleasure of receiving a letter from the “Old Man of Baseball“, within which he expanded on the 1969 final between the Watford Sun-Rockets […]

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Keeping Score – A Saturday night classic

There is so much hype surrounding the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry that at times you feel like ignoring their games altogether.  However, their three-game series held over the previous weekend was unmissable.  Jacoby Ellsbury’s astonishing steal of home plate on Sunday night is already assured of a place in the top ten list of the best […]

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Roundshaw Hop: The long season?

Maybe I should have waited a few weeks before committing to a new name for the column. I was after a title that would be linked to the National Baseball League (NBL), but with the top-tier status of the Croydon Pirates, and therefore Roundshaw Playing Fields, suddenly looking far from safe, the choice already looks […]

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Weekly Hit Ground Ball: Greinke, Bradley and Condensed Games

It’s been another eventful week in MLB.  The previously all-conquering Marlins were swept by the Pirates, several no-hitter attempts have just fallen short, the 2009 edition of the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry has begun with two epic games and Albert Pujols has continued to show why he’s currently the best player in baseball. And the A’s just snapped a […]

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Week Two of the British Baseball season

The British baseball season was back with a bang last Sunday.  We saw two double-header sweeps in the National Baseball League, a 35-34 contest in the A (South) League, the debut of the new Northern Conference, winning starts by two new teams in the Midlands League and many other entertaining games around the country. The […]

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You Are the Scorer: Number 25

Scenario: A batter has a count of two balls and two strikes. In which of the following circumstances would a strike-out be awarded? A – Batter bunts the next pitch and the ball drops and stays in foul territory. B – Batter bunts the next pitch and the ball is caught as a foul-tip by the catcher. C – […]

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