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This Week in MLB

Admittedly, it was a fairly quiet week news-wise, but sometimes that’s not such a bad thing. Major League Baseball has already had its fair share of controversies this season, but as the last of this year’s interleague matches draw to a close and the mid-season All-Star break rapidly approaches, the divisions remain as closely contested […]

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Roundshaw Hop: Avoiding infamy

Yesterday I was reading in The Great American Novel about the record-breaking exploits of the woeful Ruppert Mundys, a team that finishes with an abysmal 34-120 record in the 1943 season of Philip Roth’s fictional Patriot League. It set me thinking about what undesirable records the Croydon Pirates might be on pace to break in […]

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BaseballGB on Baseball Over Here

I was very grateful when Ron Rollins, writer of the excellent Baseball Over Here blog, asked if I would contribute to an interview piece about BGB.  Ron is an American currently living in Britain and he provides a unique perspective on baseball, both at his own blog and in his writings at the BaseballdeWorld website. […]

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Hey now, you’re an All Star

As time is running out to vote for the players you want to see taking part in the All-Star Game, I thought it was about time I made my selections.   I hate the fact MLB allows you to vote more than once – up to 25 times online! – so I only vote once. […]

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You Are the Scorer: Number 34

Scenario: With a runner on second base and one out, the batter hits a ground-ball to the shortstop, and the runner appears to deliberately try to interfere with the shortstop during this fielder’s attempt to throw the ball to first. Because of this, both the runner and the batter are called out by the umpire. […]

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Setanta Sports taken off the air

EDIT: I wrote the original version of this post on the back of a couple of messages stating that ESPN America was down. Judging by other comments on the web, it appears as though it may still be broadcasting (I’m not a subscriber so can’t check myself). I’ve amended the post accordingly. British baseball fans […]

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