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If the awards matter, why announce them like they don’t?

A televised gala award evening to celebrate the recent MLB season is a blindingly obvious way to present all the major trophies, reliving the pennant races, the postseason and also all the other smaller stories that made up the year, as well as acknowledging again the people elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame that […]

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A new look for the website

It’s been a while since I gave the website a new look and this one has been in the making for a few months. The dawn of the offseason was a good time to dedicate some hours to finalize it all as a distraction from the relative lack of baseball games to enjoy

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Bonus baseball from Japan

A team of MLB players, including Robinson Cano, Yasiel Puig and Evan Longoria, are heading to Japan for an All-Star series of games against Samurai Japan, which is essentially the Japanese national team. The Japan All-Star Series is on MLB.TV

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