British Baseball ‘Brief’: a few links

BBBFollowing all of the great discussion in the comments from last week’s BBB, I thought I would leave this week’s column to one side so that we don’t end up with the thread becoming disjointed.

However there are a few noteworthy bits of news to bring together relating to British baseball and MLB in the UK.

Youth National Baseball Championships

First off, the National Baseball Championships at Herts did not completely mark the end of the British Baseball season. The Youth National Baseball Championships took place over the weekend just gone. Full details can be found on the BBF website.

Great Britain at the 2012 European Championships

Looking ahead to next year, Great Britain will be competing in the European Championships in the Netherlands and further details about the event have been announced this week.

The games will be staged in three cities – Rotterdam, Haarlem and Utrecht – between Friday 7 September and Sunday 16 September.  Team GB are in the same group as the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Czech Republic and Germany, so they will be involved in some very competitive games. 

Sounds like an enjoyable late summer trip to me.

Project COBB research days

While I’m on the subject of trips, new dates for the Project COBB research days were published here yesterday.

They provide a chance to contribute to the ever-growing historical archive for the domestic game, offer an enjoyable day out with like-minded British baseball fans and the perfect excuse to get out of doing the Christmas shopping.

MLB roadshow

The MLB roadshow is heading to the UK over the next two Saturdays.  It will be at Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester on Saturday 24 September and then Trafalgar Square in London Saturday 1 October.  Looks like a lot of fun for kids and adults alike

Moneyball the film

And finally, you may have noticed that the Moneyball film received it’s premiere in Oakland on Monday.

Thanks to the presence of Brad Pitt, the film will be shown over here although I suspect it might not be on a particularly long run. The UK release date is 25 November and it will be interesting to see how much, and what sort of, publicity it generates for the sport.

I’ll be wearing my A’s colours when heading along to the cinema soon after it starts showing.

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