Provisional rotation announced for Project COBB’s “Nine Aces”

The provisional rotation has been announced for the upcoming Project COBB book titled Nine Aces and a Joker: Defining seasons from British baseball’s standout pitchers. The “Nine Aces” are, provisionally, as follows (with their defining season in parentheses):

  1. John Reidenbach (1890)
  2. Max Wilson (1937)
  3. Ross Kendrick (1938)
  4. Wally O’Neil (1965)
  5. Alan Asquith (1968)
  6. Cody Cain (1993)
  7. Gavin Marshall (2002)
  8. Brian Essery (2008)
  9. Jason Roberts (2010)

Other stellar pitching efforts will be bundled up in a “short stories” chapter. In addition, the tales of all the aces will be counter-balanced with a special chapter on one of the ultimate wild-card pitchers from British baseball history.

The invited authors include several who have already had their British baseball writing published in book format. They will be joined by two very talented rookies from the BaseballGB farm system.

The plan is to publish the project as an eBook later this year, but a limited-edition print-run will also be undertaken. To help the publisher gauge the optimum number to print in that limited-edition run, you can express an interest in a hard-copy version via the Project COBB contact page. The hard-copy version will have a soft cover with strengthening flaps and will probably be priced at something like £15.

3 Responses to Provisional rotation announced for Project COBB’s “Nine Aces”

  1. Jonathon Cramman March 18, 2012 at 6:24 pm #

    I was fortunate to watch both Brian and Jason during there respective seasons first hand and I was very lucky to have that opportunity. The book looks great!

    • Joe Gray March 18, 2012 at 6:29 pm #

      Thanks for that Jonathon.

      The Mets have certainly had some exceptional pitchers take the mound at Finsbury over a comparatively short history.

  2. Michael Jones March 20, 2012 at 12:22 pm #

    Did someone say ‘Michael Jones (2012)’??

    No, but that’s a good looking line-up even excluding myself! I think there may be a couple of others who could be making a case for some good numbers this year, and can’t wait to see how they match-up to these historic superstars.


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