Open letter to National Baseball League on statistics

A couple of weeks back, I sent this letter on the keeping of statistics to various people involved in the National Baseball League.

In the letter I provide a recap on the goal of the new stats system, define the problems that currently exist, examine the consequences of these problems, explore the role of the provider (SportsNGIN), and then propose a solution that will lead to better stats at the end of the season and fairer post-season eligibility decisions, while still retaining the visual attractiveness and accessibility of the new stats system.

I include here a point from the letter that needs to be stressed “I do not feel this is down to anything personnel-related […] but rather a confusion surrounding expectations of the stats system on”

As I also note in the letter, “This will only work with support from all team managers and the league administration. I would thus be very grateful to receive messages endorsing this letter or providing constructive alternatives.”

I have received a small number of responses so far in support of my views but believe I am still some way short of the response I would need to give this momentum.

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