Red Sox Review: Week One

The first week of the season has had many highs for the Red Sox, including Mookie Betts, who has lived up to the hype created during Spring Training.

In the opening game against the Phillies, the Red Sox dominated and won 8-0. The impressive score was all down to home runs. Both Hanley Ramirez and Dustin Pedroia hit two homes run to show how strong the offensive is. Ramirez also hit a grand slam in the final inning to seal the first victory of the season. Betts was also among those to score a home run.

The first week had the added excitement of the age old rivalry between the Red Sox and the Yankees. The Red Sox came out on top as they won two of the games in the series. On Friday going into the small hours of Saturday, the game went into 16 innings and lasted 6 hours, 49 minutes, this was the longest game in franchise history and were back in the Yankee stadium a mere 11 hours later.

The highlight of the home opener was to have four time Super Bowl champion, Tom Brady of the New England Patriots throw out the first pitch. Brady’s talents are probably best left on the football field as the ball took a lucky bounce to reach David Ortiz.

Betts was definitely the star of the home opener against the Nationals. He hit a three – run homer, stole second base and to top it off he prevented Bryce Harper from scoring a home run.

Going into the second week, the Red Sox are ranked third in the power rankings and look to gain on their success. The second week will also see the return of Koji Uehara who was placed on the disabled list to a left hamstring strain.


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