A Boone for the Yankees

There’s a great article on ESPN by Tim Kurkjian all about his former colleague Aaron Boone becoming the New York Yankees’ manager (still to be confirmed, but that’s all that is left to do). Kurkjian always strikes me as someone who would see the good in anyone, and clearly he has a lot of affection […]

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Bend or Break?

Monday morning can be a dispiriting time, wondering where the weekend went, but a new week can also be welcome if the previous week wasn’t one of your best. That would definitely apply to the Atlanta Braves. Last week for the Braves was one of the most chastening an MLB team has experienced in recent […]

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Over to the off-season

I like to have a few weeks away from baseball after the World Series is completed. There’s normally not much news during the period and it’s nice to reflect on what happened over the long regular season and play-offs before thinking too much about next year. It doesn’t take long for the MLB Hot Stove […]

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World Series 2017 Preview

Every year we hope that the World Series will bring the baseball season to an exciting close. After the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians served up a seven-game stunner one year ago, the Houston Astros and Los Angeles Dodgers will look to follow suit this time around and produce a classic contest that will live […]

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One win away from the World Series for Yankees and Dodgers

This year’s MLB post-season has once again brought the term ‘bullpenning’ into frequent use as teams get what they can from their starting pitcher before turning the game over to the relievers. However, the next two play-off games will have a clear focus on two starting pitchers. Thursday night’s game is Game Five of the […]

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