Chasing down the leaders

Teams that are playing catch-up often find themselves taking one step forward and then one step back. You pick up a win, but so do your rivals and you’ve gained no ground. Your opponents drop a game, but you fail to capitalise by doing the same. (more…)

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New logo, new colour scheme!

Just a quick post about the recent changes to the design and layout of this blog. I always intended on putting together my own theme when I moved from the free WordPress site to this domain in April (the ability to customise the site in whatever way I wished was one of the reasons I […]

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Kendall to the Cubs

I nearly choked on my Rice Krispies this morning when I logged on to while eating my breakfast and saw the headline story: Jason Kendall’s move from the A’s to the Cubs. Admittedly, my reaction was largely due to my Oakland allegiance; this wasn’t exactly a blockbuster trade of seismic proportions. Still, it’s a […]

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Live games this week

After the All-Star break left us with two days without a single MLB game last week, we return to our normal schedule. Fans in Britain will have to stay up late on Monday and Tuesday to catch some live MLB action, but there is a decent amount of choice during the evening for the rest […]

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An All-Star event?

The MLB publicity machine has been running on full speed for weeks now, promoting the 2007 All-Star Game as a must-see event. Up until last night, I had been fairly ambivalent towards it all. (more…)

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2007 – Week 14

Well, we’ve reached the halfway point of the season, the All-Star game is nearly upon us and players who are not part of the festivities are looking forward to a break (all three days of it!). As always, MLB has produced a wide variety of stories over the last week. Here’s my personal selection of […]

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Neifi Perez suspended

Ask a baseball fan to draw up a list of potential “drug cheats” and you would probably find several names coming up time and again, but Neifi Perez wouldn’t be one of them. MLB has announced today that Perez has been suspended for twenty-five games after failing a drugs test for a second time (first-time […]

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