MLB.TV: A glimpse into the future

This season, MLB.TV subscribers have seen the introduction of 700K streaming (bringing a much improved picture) and the incredible Mosaic feature, but MLB are not resting on their laurels. At a recent Microsoft developers conference on Monday, representatives from MLB gave attendees an insight into how they are using Microsoft Silverlight Video to improve their […]

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Sympathy for the devil (AKA sports officials)

We all recognise that even the best pitcher can hang a curveball up in the zone every now and then, just as the best hitter can be made to look foolish on a change-up every once in a while. Yet few sports fans are so understanding when it comes to the officials making mistakes. We […]

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Steinbrenner speaks

You didn’t expect him to stay quiet for long, did you? George Steinbrenner has released one of his legendary statements in support of the Yankees’ management which will no doubt bring all speculation about Joe Torre’s job security to an end. Or maybe not. A Chairman’s vote of confidence is always reckoned to be a […]

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Josh Hancock R.I.P.

I just logged-on to to check some facts for a post I’m writing when I saw the tragic news that Josh Hancock, the St Louis reliever, has been killed in a car crash. Tonight’s game against the Cubs, scheduled to be shown live on Five, has understandably been postponed. Sincere condolences to his family […]

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2007 – Week 4

A standard week in MLB, with heroes and zeroes, success and failure, and a bit of comedy thrown in for good measure. Trevor Hoffman accounted for more of it than he would have liked, although he gets bonus points here as his mother was born in England (and it’s fair to say his career has […]

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Blood and Baltimore broadcasters

Any Brit who thinks baseball is any easy, non-contact sport should try catching a Zack Greinke fastball in their mouth. Torii Hunter gave it a go today and ended up with a bloody lip and a trip to hospital. According to reports, Hunter initially started to confront Greinke about his lack of control before collapsing […]

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This week’s live games

Apart from the normal clutch of Thursday day games, it’s fairly slim pickings this week when it comes to live games being played during the evening British time. Here is my pick of the best games available on MLB.TV, times being listed in BST. (more…)

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