Heading to the DL?

While we would love to see the players on the field making all of the headlines, the recent rush of players on to the disabled list has been the main news over the past week or so. (more…)

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Live baseball this week

One of the many little things I’m adding to this site is a weekly highlights schedule of live matches to watch in the evening over here in GB. Once again, apologies to those of you unable to watch MLB.tv, I know this is rubbing it in! I guess I should add the standard disclaimer that […]

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Sunday Times on Robinson

I thought I would do a quick trawl of the British Sunday papers (online) to see if the story of Jackie Robinson was covered anywhere today. The Sunday Times appear to be the only paper to have written anything, although it is a decent little piece commenting on the declining numbers of African-Americans in MLB […]

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Week 2

Sunday is here again and that means it’s time for another edition of “weekly hit ground ball”. It’s Jackie Robinson day and the world of MLB will pay their respects to the man who did so much to break down the colour barrier, and was a great baseball player to boot. The number 42 will […]

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Gagne – super saver

There are many reasons to consider the “save” as being a fairly limited statistic. It is entirely dependent on opportunity and, due to the importance placed on them by many in the game, there is an argument that saves condition managers into using their best relief pitcher in a very narrow role. (more…)

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Welcome to the new site

Well this is it, my new site is up and running with all of the posts and comments from the previous blog having been moved across. Setting up this new site has involved a fair bit of planning and I thought everything was finally in place this morning. A few minor problems had to be […]

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King Felix steals the show

Waking up this morning, I expected to see reams of stories about Dice-K and Ichiro battling it out last night in the Seattle-Boston clash. I didn’t realise Felix Hernandez was starting for the Mariners. He has long been known as King Felix and anyone who wasn’t convinced that this youngster deserved the title will now […]

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As noted in the comments last week, MLB.com are currently offering a free five-day trial of MLB.TV for those of you considering whether or not to sign-up. It’s a great way for newcomers to give the system a proper test-run to see how it will work on your set-up and what the picture quality is […]

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