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The Book of Baseball by Derek Brandon and Jim Marooney

A guest review by Jamie Crompton

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Who’s on First? Illustrated by John Martz

Illustrated version of the classic comedy routine

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The Way of Baseball: Finding Stillness at 95mph by Shawn Green and Gordon McAlpine

Mark George reviews a book that provides an insight into what goes through a player’s mind when at the plate, and what can happen when you overthink and fall victim to your ego

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Shoeless Joe by W.P. Kinsella

You are sure to know the film Field of Dreams, but have you read the novel that it is based on? If not, you should.

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The Secret History of Balls by Josh Chetwynd

The first review of the 2011/12 offseason looks at The Secret History of Balls by Josh Chetwynd

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What about the Villa? by Joe Gray

The existence of a professional baseball league in Britain in 1890 would come as a great surprise to many. ‘What about the Villa?’ chronicles this fascinating chapter in British baseball and sporting history

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The Bullpen Gospels by Dirk Hayhurst

It is often said the greatest comedy comes from situations where the characters are trapped together. After reading Dirk Hayhurst’s descriptions of players suffering long bus rides between minor league stadiums, it should come as no surprise this book has plenty of funny moments

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As They See ‘Em by Bruce Weber

Bruce Weber’s book about “the land of umpires” gives fans a greater insight into the profession and makes you question your preconceptions of what they do

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The Hardball Times Baseball Annual 2011

The Hardball Times Baseball Annual is one of the titles on my ‘baseball books to buy’ list every year

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Swinging Away by Beth Hise

Swinging Away is a book to accompany the exhibit of the same name that was staged at the MCC Museum at the ‘Home of cricket’, Lords, during 2010

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