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The Croydon Pirates, 2004 British baseball national champions

The Croydon Pirates at the 2005 European Cupwinners Cup (Part 1)

In 2013, baseball clubs from 25 European countries will take part in competitions sanctioned by the continent’s baseball federation. The highest-ranked European nation absent from this list is Great Britain (#21 in the world), and the only other ranked countries not sending a team are Israel (#28), Sweden (#34), Slovenia (#58), Ireland (#61), Hungary (#63), and […]

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One from the Past: Classic pre-WWII finals in British Baseball

On 28 March 2009 I published an article describing the six classic national finals of British baseball’s post-war era, where a classic is simplistically defined (for reasons justified in the original piece) as one where the deciding game [a] went to extra innings or [b] had a winning margin of a single run. That article noted that there were […]

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One from the Past: Gaps

This year’s National Baseball Championship will represent the 100th anniversary of, well, nothing. Starting in 1912, British baseball experienced a 22-year period without an official national final. The title deciders that bookended this lapse were both spectacular, at least judging by their 1-run winning margins, but, regardless of that, even the most meagre of British baseball […]

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One from the Past: “Balks”

Sports junkies are addicted to oddities, and a regular fix is offered by the abundance of individual incidents played out within North American organized baseball’s daily schedule, not to mention the global game. I count myself among the junkies’ number and, until half an hour ago, took pride in thinking that if there was a potential event that I […]

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