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Weekly Hit Ground Ball: Dizzying deadline day

MLB’s trade deadline lived up to the hype

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Weekly Hit Ground Ball: Head-first hurts

There’s no doubt that the all-action head-first slide looks good; it gives the impression of a player going all out to try to be safe regardless of any risk to his body. It’s not a smart way to play the game though

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Offseason so far: AL East

It’s a good time to catch up on the comings and goings at the 30 MLB teams so far this offseason. We start today with the AL East division

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Rounding the Bases: More deals

Seattle welcomes their new second baseman

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Rounding the Bases

Arguably the biggest news of the past week has been the surprise announcement that the Braves are planning to leave Turner Field for a new facility 10 miles away, with the projected opening being in 2017

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Weekly Hit Ground Ball: Shouldering responsibility

The list of baseball incidents likely to catch the attention of the British press is a short on

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Longoria extends contract with the Rays

Tampa Bay Rays fans, and indeed many neutral baseball fans, will be delighted at the news of the Rays signing third baseman Evan Longoria to a contract extension

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Peralta’s pine tar problem

Davey Johnson helped the umpires catch Joel Peralta with pine tar in his glove, but how will Johnson’s players – and Peralta’s former teammates – view his actions?

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The Rays versus Red Sox rivalry continues

It’s Rays vs Red Sox on BBC Radio on Sunday evening

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Scorecards in action: Rays-Tigers 10 April 2012

Matt Moore and Rick Porcello provided a good reason to reach for a blank scorecard for the first time in the 2012 regular season on Tuesday

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