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2008: the year ahead

The start of a new year motivates many of us to look back on the successes and failures of the previous year and to think ahead to what we hope the coming twelve months will bring. 2007 marked the first year of BaseballGB proper, after a year of blogging about baseball on the WordPress network. […]

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On to the off-season

They are probably still cleaning up the champagne stains in the visitors’ clubhouse at Coors Field, but already the sobering thought has hit me: no more baseball for the best part of six months. A year in MLB is an odd mix of feast and famine. 2430 games are crammed into six months, followed by […]

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New logo, new colour scheme!

Just a quick post about the recent changes to the design and layout of this blog. I always intended on putting together my own theme when I moved from the free WordPress site to this domain in April (the ability to customise the site in whatever way I wished was one of the reasons I […]

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Welcome to the new site

Well this is it, my new site is up and running with all of the posts and comments from the previous blog having been moved across. Setting up this new site has involved a fair bit of planning and I thought everything was finally in place this morning. A few minor problems had to be […]

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One Year Anniversary

A year ago today I published my first post on this blog. Often when you read an anniversary post/article it will contain a list of great achievements: vast hit counts and countless examples of their writings being lauded by the great and good. Not so here!!! Like every other man and his dog (and the […]

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Enthusiasm: lost and found

The absence of posts during the last month has not been a product of sheer laziness, more a sad reflection on how my interest has dipped during the period. The World Cup has played a part, particularly refuelling my appetite for football which was somewhat lost due to a disappointing and demoralising season for my […]

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Recent technical problems

Apologies to those of you who have visited over the last few days only to find nothing (or very little!) here.  WordPress have experienced a few major problems over the past few days which has affected all of the many blogs on the system.  Logging into your site and finding all your posts have gone […]

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