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Steve Keene’s Saturday column looking at all the stories that give baseball its unique character and make it such a great sport

Out of Left Field: This column is unwell

The late columnist Jeffrey Bernard was such a notorious boozer and self-proclaimed advocate of living the ‘Low Life’, that often in place of his column was the notice ‘Jeffrey Bernard is unwell’. I was tempted to pull a similar trick with this column, however more along the lines of ‘Steve Keene is stuck in fishnet […]

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Out of Left Field: Baseball is too slow, yet quick enough to fight crime

So, are attention spans shortening, or is baseball getting more interminable? First, this timely (geddit?) quote from umpire Joe West, on Red Sox/Yankees games: “It’s pathetic and embarrassing. They take too long to play.” Then this week, those old foes got some competition from the Dodgers and Diamondbacks, who took just short of five hours […]

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Out of Left Field: Double Fantasy

As the wait for Opening Day gets ever more interminable there’s really been only one event on the lips of every intelligent baseball fan. Yes, that’s right, everyone has been talking about the 2010 BaseballGB fantasy draft. As the shockwaves still reverberate from last’s week’s events, many people are asking themselves “Who should I support […]

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Out of Left Field: Twitter, baseball and how Ozzie Guillen has got it just right

This column is down with the social network kids, y’know. You can find me on the ol’ twitter here. You’ll find me tweeting away like the little birdy that I am, amongst the myriad baseball tweeters discussing every little thing in 140 character outbursts. Alternatively, if you want someone who knows what they’re talking about […]

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