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Test your scoring knowledge with our weekly mid-day Friday feature.

You Are the Scorer: Number 3

Scenario: It is the top of the ninth inning in a tied game and, with the bases loaded, the #9 hitter just popped up to the shortstop for the second out. Although this was only the second out, the pitcher starts walking towards the dugout, and the rest of the fielding team as well as the batting side also start to leave the field, thinking […]

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You Are the Scorer: Number 2

Scenario: It is the bottom of the ninth inning in a tied game and the #8 hitter just drew a two-out walk to load the bases. Instead of the #9 hitter coming up to bat next, though, the #1 hitter strides over to the plate and gets ready to receive the first pitch. As the […]

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You Are the Scorer: Number 1

Scenario: With a runner on first base and no count on the batter, the pitcher throws the ball in the dirt, the batter does not swing, and the ball bounces up to the catcher for the easiest of takes. However, the ball bounces off the side of the cather’s mitt and trundles off towards the backstop, causing the […]

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