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Flying Fish

No, nothing to do with that annoying Seattle fish market lot businesses like to show you training videos of. The real flying fish are the Florida Marlins, battling against the odds and many an experts’ pre-season prediction (as well as non-experts like myself). Their recent four game sweep of the Brewers has made it eight […]

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5.5 games back

No great insights into the cultural differences between Britain and America today (to make a change). Just a brief note about the American League standings. Closing in on 130 games being played and there is an amazing symmetry in the AL at this moment. All three division leaders (the Yankees, Tigers and A’s) have a […]

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Another Royals disaster

The box score from last night’s Indians-Royals match-up tells as cruel a baseball tale as you are likely to read. Smashing ten runs in the first inning would make many supporters confident that a glorious victory was on the cards. The sad thing is, it wouldn’t be a surprise if many of the 12,671 attendees […]

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Not bad for a sixteen year-old

An interesting story popped up on the MLB section of the ESPN website on Sunday: According to reports, the San Francisco Giants have given a 16 year old third baseman (more accurately baseboy I guess) a $2.1 million signing-on bonus. The lucky lad is from the Dominican Republic and is called Angel Miguel Villalona. […]

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Coors Field Conspiracies

Home field advantage is a common theme throughout sports. Local knowledge can help you get an edge over your opponent, whether that’s knowing how to play centre field in Minute Maid Park or how a pitch will play on day four in a Test Match at the Oval. Familiarity is said to breed contempt, but […]

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Red Sox – Yankees weekend

Like most non Yankees/Red Sox fans, having “the greatest rivalry in sports” constantly being thrown in my face has made me somewhat immune to the “charms” of this contest to a certain extent. The prospect of five games in four days left me bracing myself for another barrage of media hype. However, this time it’s […]

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Cards and Reds: 17 August 2006

You could certainly tell that we are entering the business end of the season in the New Busch stadium just now. The Cards have slowly seen their early season lead in the standings disappear with the Reds chasing them down. This recent three-game series between the two teams has been a nail-biting affair due to […]

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Fate, Luck and Chance

It’s funny really but as my enthusiasm for baseball came back with a vengeance, sitting down and writing about it seemed to take a back seat (“excuses, excuses” I hear you cry). One of the things that has been and gone during my hiatus is the trading deadline. Tomorrow sets off the two-week countdown to […]

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