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Manny to the Dodgers?

Well, 21.00 passed with no comment, other than the stories stating that Manny Ramirez would be staying in Boston.  Then the news hounds were putting out a story that suggested the Dodgers had obtained Jason Bay.  Now it looks like the Dodgers got Bay and then flipped him to the Red Sox. And all this […]

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Trade Deadline day

The deadline day has arrived.  It’s not quite the final chance for teams to add an extra piece or two, with waiver-wire deals still on the cards until midnight on 31 August (05.00 on 1 September in the UK), but that doesn’t reduce the excitement as we head towards 21.00 BST.  Some deals have already […]

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European League update

Ever since the International Baseball Federation (IBAF) announced its plans to form a European league, fans of the sport have been impatiently waiting for further details.  The IBAF’s initial statement simply introduced the idea of a major European league and touted 2010 as the probable start date.  The news frankly raised more questions than answers.  […]

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How to become an Olympic sport

All baseball fans frustrated that the sport will be dropped from the Olympics after this year’s tournament will be interested in reading this story from the BBC website detailing allegations that a Japanese cycling event, the keirin, “may have bought its way into the Olympic Games“. To pick out a pertinent quote from the article: “critics […]

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More trade news than early games this week

Much of the attention over the next few days will be focused on the many trade rumours flying around, and possibly the odd actual trade, as the non-waiver wire trading window slams shut on Thursday.  That’s good news as there are only six early games to enjoy this week.  Still, there are plenty of important contests […]

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National Baseball League: Return of the seamed sphere

Going into this weekend, the last remaining question in terms of qualification for the National Finals in the NBL was the second-place spot in the NBL North, but the Liverpool Trojans forfeited their games against the Menwith Hill Patriots, meaning that the Patriots’ cushion for that qualifying berth has grown to 6.5 games. Manchester had a weekend off and so remain on top […]

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BaseballGB on

As you may have noticed by the addition of the Alltop logo in the sidebar, BaseballGB has now been added to the baseball section on, following the lead of our friends at Alltop is an aggregation site that brings together all of the top stories on the web, collating the RSS feeds from […]

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