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The Free Agent game

Agents: you either love them (if you’re a player) or you hate them (basically everyone else).  Ask most sports fans to describe a typical agent and they will provide a caricature of a shameless, greedy shyster who gets inside the player’s head and makes him move to a club they don’t really want to go […]

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You Are the Scorer: Number 7

Scenario: In a rain-shortened game, the visiting team takes the lead in the top of the first inning and holds it through to the end of the fifth inning, at which point the game is called and goes into the record books. What is the minimum number of innings that the visitors’ starter must have thrown to get credited with […]

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The Teammates by David Halberstam

(Hyperion, 2003) 218 pages. One of the great joys for baseball fans is the fact that the sport has captured the imagination of so many talented writers.  David Halberstam is a prime example.  A highly-respected journalist and historian, his seminal writing on topics such as the Vietnam War has been accompanied by several books about […]

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Early Christmas presents for Project Cobb

The past week has seen a couple of developments for Project Cobb (the Project for the Chronicling of British Baseball). Back on Thursday, I met up with John Thomas, who was starting catcher for Great Britain in the game against The Netherlands in 1965. We were looking through some of his old photos together and […]

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Q&A with Josh Chetwynd

Best known in Britain for his role as co-host of Baseball on Five, Josh has also represented Great Britain in five European Championships, led the London Mets to two domestic titles, and published a pair of books covering baseball history in Britain and the rest of Europe. Thanks must go to Matt for posing the questions and to Josh […]

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The Yankees have gone fishing

Picture the scene: there are twenty-nine General Managers sitting on the riverbank, fishing rods dangling into the water below.  Some have modest objectives and are hoping for a few small fish to tide them over.  Others have great expectations of landing a monster and visions of walking away at the end of the day with […]

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You Are the Scorer: Number 6

Scenario: With the home team trailing by 1 run in the bottom of the ninth inning and runners on second and third, the batter lines the ball into the corner.  What is the highest-value hit that the batter can possibly be awarded by the official scorer? A – A single. B – A double. C – A […]

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No credit crunch for CC

The global economic crisis has bypassed the Sabathia household.  A potential seven year/ $161m deal with the Yankees is on the table waiting to be signed and all that stands between CC and a fitting session for some new pinstripe clothing is a medical.  After a month or more of being told (not directly by […]

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Green Cathedrals by Philip J Lowry

(Walker & Company, 2006) 352 pages. In Green Cathedrals (4th edition), Phil Lowry catalogues baseball fields that have hosted major league games. As Lowry acknowledges in the book’s preface, a number of other ballpark books have been published, but none “has ever provided a complete listing of every major league park, including Negro League parks.” The inclusion of Negro League games […]

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