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World Series – the 1974 version

Staying with the thrifty theme, I sat down late Saturday afternoon and enjoyed some free baseball action courtesy of the feature.  The classic game broadcast from 16.00 was Game One of the 1974 World Series between the Oakland A’s and the Los Angeles Dodgers.  It was a lot of fun to watch, both from […]

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A-Rod and the D. Rep batting lineup

Las Vegas is currently welcoming GMs, agents, players and hordes of reporters ready to begin this week’s Winter Meetings.  Most of the attention will be devoted to free agents and possible trades, all looking ahead to how each team will shape up for the 2009 MLB season.  But before another marathon MLB campaign is launched, […]

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Baseball Economics

The global financial crisis is inescapable.  When we’re not dealing with the everyday consequences of it ‘affecting everything’ we’re being bombarded with news stories telling us that it’s ‘affecting everything’.  It’s a wonder any of us bother getting out of bed in the morning. The world and his dog (on a string, as proper leads […]

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You Are the Scorer: Number 5

Scenario: The batter hits a fly-ball to a gap in the outfield and rounds first base, touches second base while rounding the bag, but attempts to run back to second and is put out before making contact again.  As the official scorer, with what should you credit the batter? A – An at-bat but no hit. B – A […]

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Baseball Books for Xmas

Are you stuck for Christmas present ideas for a relative or friend who follows baseball?  Perhaps you are a baseball fan yourself and are being badgered for an idea or two on what you might like to receive?  In both cases, baseball books could be the perfect solution.  With 25 December rapidly approaching, here’s a […]

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European club rankings 2008

A struggle to obtain public and private funds to support infrastructure and growth permeates the history of baseball in Great Britain, and with the decision in 2005 to remove the sport from the Olympic programme there is no sign of this easing, at least in the short term. For Great Britain and other non-powerhouse European […]

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