You Are the Scorer: Number 46


Scenario: In a 6-inning regulation game called because of rain, the starter leaves after 4 innings with an 8–0 lead. In the fifth, a reliever strikes out the first three batters, and in the sixth a second reliever does the same thing.

The rulebook says that the starter would have needed to pitch 5 innings to be eligible for the win in this game, and so the win should go to the more effective reliever. However, they turned in an identical performance. So, as the official scorer, to whom do you award the win?

A – The starter.
B – Reliever one.
C – Reliever two.

Highlight the text below to reveal the answer:

B – Reliever one.

Rule 10.17(b) Comment states:
If two or more relief pitchers were similarly effective, the official scorer should give the presumption to the earlier pitcher as the winning pitcher.

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