BaseballGB is a site dedicated to writing about baseball from a British perspective.

There are three broad aims:

  • to write about baseball in a way that will encourage sceptical (and often cynical) Brits to embrace this great sport,
  • to be a place where established British baseball fans can enjoy reading posts and articles about the sport written by their compatriots and non-Brits living in the UK,
  • to provide an alternative view on the world of baseball, complementing the many other great websites about the sport, which will appeal to all baseball fans regardless of their nationality.

What we cover

While our team offers a variety of unique writing styles, what really makes BaseballGB stand out is the mix of baseball topics that we cover.

Major League Baseball is naturally the primary competition that we focus on, but we also devote a substantial amount of words to the British scene, from the games played in the National Baseball League and lower levels of the league structure to off-the-field developments at British baseball clubs.

We also cover international competitions, fantasy baseball and life generally as a baseball fan in Blighty.  We write about any news items or stories that capture our imagination as they happen, as well as producing useful resources (such as our Baseball Basics for Brits guides) and occasional special features.

Finally, we regularly add to our collection of book reviews designed to help British baseball fans decide on their next purchases, covering classics that everybody should own, latest releases and quirky finds that we think you may enjoy as well.  If you are a publisher and would like us to review any new offerings, please get in contact.

So, that’s what BaseballGB is all about. If you are interested in contributing, have a media enquiry, a book to review, an idea for a future feature or simply want to say ‘hello’, please feel free to get in contact via the form on the Get in Contact page.

Matt Smith
BaseballGB Editor

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