Baseball Basics for Brits

The Baseball Basics for Brits series is designed to help Brits bridge the knowledge gap they face when first coming to the sport.

The actual rules of the game and the events on the field can be better explained elsewhere, not least by simply watching games themselves. This series is designed to explain everything that goes on around the game, from the structure of Major League Baseball to player contracts, statistics and much more.

Each volume is written with two points in mind: what are the key things a Brit would need to know on this topic and what is the best way to explain them? The number of volumes will build up over time, eventually providing a complete overview of all the basics that a British newcomer needs to know. Current volumes, published as pdfs, can be accessed below.

February 2018 note: The BBfB volumes are currently being reviewed and revised ahead of the 2018 season. In future they'll be published as individual webpages with the pdf version also accessible. New versions of the pdfs will be published when completed, with the new webpages going live once they are all complete.

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