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If the awards matter, why announce them like they don’t?

A televised gala award evening to celebrate the recent MLB season is a blindingly obvious way to present all the major trophies, reliving the pennant races, the postseason and also all the other smaller stories that made up the year, as well as acknowledging again the people elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame that […]

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Countdown to SABR Day 2011: 1910s Cobbette – Shortage of balls nearly terminates 1914 tour game

This is post nine in a ten-post countdown to SABR Day 2011. The series is going through the decades of the 20th Century, backwards from the 1990s. On SABR Day itself, there will be a special feature on the 1890s, which will celebrate the significant link between keeping score and baseball history. This article will be […]

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2010 Season Review: AL Central

The Minnesota Twins came into the 2010 season as the favourites in the AL Central and they lived up to those expectations. However, it ultimately proved to be a frustrating year for the Twins, as it was for the rest of the AL Central teams

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