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The perfect game that was but wasn’t

Armando Galarraga’s pursuit of perfection last night, ended with one out to go by a bad call by umpire Jim Joyce, was the latest in an ever-growing line of astonishing stories to wake up to this season, leaving UK-based baseball fans choking on their cornflakes

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Out of Left Field: This column is in the best shape of its life

Pitchers and catchers. Spring training. This column is limbering up, ready for the new season, and feeling good. Leaner, fitter and happier. Welcome, good people, and observe this column preparing itself for Opening Day. Just sit back and enjoy the following training montage. I imagine that awful Journey song will accompany it. It gets everywhere. […]

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Rounding the Bases: Reds, Marlins and McGwire

It’s 41 days until pitchers and catchers report for Spring Training and 78 days until Opening day.  I’m sure you are counting them down just like I am, but it’s not as though we are suffering from a lack of baseball news in the meantime.  Quite the opposite. A week after Jason Bay and Matt […]

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