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‘Baseball on Five’ comes to an end

Sadly, the rumours have been confirmed. After over a decade of bringing us insightful and entertaining coverage of MLB, Five have decided to drop the ‘Baseball on Five’ show for the 2009 season.  The news is made worse for British baseball fans as no other free-to-air channel has picked up the rights (as yet). The chances of […]

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Baseball on the BBC?

Fresh hope for baseball remaining on free-to-air TV has been provided by an intriguing story in the Daily Mail stating that the sport may find a new home at the BBC.  If the rumours are true, Major League Baseball are playing a key role in trying to make it happen.  (more…)

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Combination Signs courtesy of the MLB Network (and another reason to save ‘MLB on Five’)

If you haven’t seen it yet, I would highly recommend watching a recent video published on MLB.com about ‘combination signs’.  These signs are used by a catcher to relay the selection of pitches to the pitcher in a coded way, making it harder for the runner on second base to work out what is coming the batter’s way.  […]

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Where next for MLB on British TV?

The news has still to be officially confirmed, but Five’s decision to discontinue coverage of all U.S. sports from the end of the current NFL season has sent shock waves through the hordes of North American sports fans in this country.  The omnipresent ‘credit crunch’ may hurt your ability  to find the money for subscriptions […]

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The final week

It’s scarcely believable, but we have reached the final week of the 2008 regular season already.  With several play-off places still up for grabs, it promises to be a fascinating few days.  Unfortunately, the important nature of the games means that only a handful are being played during the daytime in the States.  That doesn’t […]

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