British National Baseball Championship: Triple-A

Don’t forget that the Triple-A section of this year’s National Baseball Championship takes place this weekend at Tiger Field in Harrogate, Yorkshire.  The home team Tigers and Liverpool Trojans will both be trying to pick up a championship for the Northern Conference teams, but they’ll face strong competition from the Essex Arrows and Southampton Mustangs.

Last weekend saw the other three championships decided and all of the victors could be seen as slight surprise.  The Bracknell Blazers came through in the National Baseball Championship to beat the pre-tournament favourites Richmond Flames.  In the Double-A NBC, Mildenhall Bulldogs got the better of the Alconbury Braves after the latter had pushed the Bulldogs into second-place during the Midlands League regular season.  Finally, the strength of the Midlands League was shown by Leicester Blue Sox’s win in the Single-A NBC.  The Blue Sox scrapped their way to a 4-16 regular season record against those tough Braves and Bulldogs teams, yet they came out on top against Essex Archers in the Single-A final by a score of 12-8.

The Triple-A MBC looks set to be a great event. Why not head along and catch a game or two if you are in the area?  For more details, head over to .


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